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The layout and use is easy and quick to use.

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To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. To create professional results, you need to refine the audio so that your audio levels are precise, especially if you're creating View full description. CONS Very complicated for beginners. Softonic review Creating a professional sounding audio CD is not just about putting a blank disc in your CD burner and starting Nero. Winamp A hugely popular and versatile audio and media player.

Audacity Free virtual studio for Windows computers. WavePad Audio Editing Software Free audio and mp3 editor that anyone can use to meet all their music editing needs. Download Sony CD Architect 5.

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If you are an avid slicer of beats, then Zero-X's latest offering might just appeal. With its support for multitrack slicing and quantizing, is Beat Quantizer the best thing since sliced bread? The latest version of Steinberg's popular editing program now includes support for multi-channel audio, including the ability to create your own DVD-Audio discs.

Sony have opened their Sound Forge editing software up to new horizons with support for VST plug-ins and the ASIO driver protocol, and improved its usability with batch processing and a new scrubbing tool. Apple's loop-sequencing application has grown up, with the addition of sophisticated recording, editing and mixing facilities, a powerful waveform editor, and many of Logic's most sought-after effects.

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Celemony Melodyne 2. CD Architect is compatible with the Direct X plug-in standard, and a subset of the real-time plug-ins bundled with Sound Forge 6. I couldn't find the list of 'over 20' effects anywhere, and they get placed in a shared folder with those supplied with other Sonic Foundry applications, but it seems to include Sonic Foundry's now familiar XFX1, XFX2 and XFX3 packs, each containing six effects, along with the four Track FX plug-ins first seen in Vegas Pro.

As with Wavelab's Montage feature, you can add effects to individual Events and have them automatically rendered into the final audio file that's burned onto an audio CD. Plug-in chaining is also supported, and I find Sonic Foundry's implementation far easier to use than that of Wavelab's Montage -- clicking on the small Event FX icon at the bottom right of each Event launches an Audio Plug-in window showing the entire chain, and allows drag-and-drop reordering.

Another new option is real-time pitch-shift and time-stretching.

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The Event Properties dialogue lets you decide whether to preserve the pitch or the length when Ctrl-dragging either end of the Event in this manner, and both are useful as long as you don't stretch them too far, when the familiar artefacts start to become audible.

There's also a Master Output control for overall level, which has its own effect chain. This defaults to a single Dither plug-in set to 16 bits with rectangular dithering, but there are seven bit depth options from eight to bit, six options for dither type, and two options for noise shaping, plus some useful presets. Each Project can have its own properties, which include Resample Quality, although this process is only applied to non CD Architect has always made it easy to compile an album full of tracks by dragging and dropping, but version 5.

An Event can be associated with multiple audio files, so you can link different versions or mixes of a song to the same project, leaving your final decisions until the last minute.

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You can quickly switch between them using the 'N' for Next Take keyboard shortcut, and this makes it easy to try them out on the fly. If you just want to burn a selection of pre-tweaked audio tracks onto CD-R, there are plenty of budget packages available, as I discussed in SOS January However, there's no denying that fully fledged packages like CD Architect make life a lot easier with their drag-and-drop graphic interfaces, automatic crossfading and real-time plug-in options.

For those who regularly work with non The new Wavelab Essential is a closer competitor with its reduced two-lane Montage, four instead of eight Master Section slots, and a much smaller collection of plug-ins, and still manages Data and Mixed Mode CD-burning alongside the more basic CD Audio. However, despite these niggles, CD Architect version 5.

Overview CD Architect will run under WIndows 98SE, ME, and XP, but the first and most obvious difference from previous versions is that it's now a stand-alone application, and launching it directly from the Sound Forge tools menu is no longer an option.

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Significantly cheaper than Wavelab 4. Two-tier editing for assembling more complex mixes. Supports multiple 'takes'. No recording capabilities. New Features In Version 5. Over 20 real-time Direct X effects.