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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I am supposed to recover the personal data from this disk, and I'm not yet sure if the filesystem is corrupted or the disk is dying. The full symptoms are as follows. The drive gets recognized by Linux and even gets automounted using Xfce here:. When I open the drive in Thunar , I get the following error message: Lastly, I already tried to install hfsprogs and run fsck.

L'article vous explique comment récupérer des données perdues à partir d'un disque dûr endommagé.

From the error messages above, is the filesystem corrupted or the drive failing? How can I fix the corrupted filesystem? And if that's not the issue, how can I recover the user data from a partially failing disk?

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Given the useful input that I got from Which 'smartctl -d' option should I use on this hard-disk: I played a bit more with smartctl and it seems to me but please confirm!! I suspect that any solutions like testdisk or photorec on the drive itself are pretty much out of the question right now. So my only hope to rescue any data would be to get myself a bigger hard-disk and make a bit-for-bit copy of the failing drive using dd or ddrescue , and then play with photorec on the resulting image.

Any other ideas most welcome! As inquired in Recovering data from a damaged hard-drive: About a week ago I foolishly ran testdisk on the disk for a night after a couple of native Mac OS X fsck attempts , and the damage likely became worse than it had been when the owner simply had dropped it. At the end of the testdisk session I was clearly hearing a clicking noise " click of death "?

Initially I assumed that this was happening because of overheating, but now I tend to believe that the damage simply propagated and the drive is now in very bad shape. I also attempted a ddrescue session, which ended with a grand total of 0 bytes rescued.

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So all this definitely points to hardware damage. But what is the exact type of damage? In part, I would like to check if the "freezer trick" is in any way appropriate. So given all the additional information posted here, is it possible identify the type of failure that the disk is experiencing? And would the "freezer trick" be appropriate in this case?

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It was suggested to me that "When read write heads touch the surface of the disk, then they are toss and twist, so no read is possible anymore", and this does sound like a realistic explanation, but I'm not sure how to confirm it. When doing data rescue, your first step should be to do a full image of the drive with dd or something similar cloneZilla is a popular choice. In other words, get an imprint of the drive as-is so that you do no further damage to the volume whilst trying to rescue the data. You should perform a full scan to be sure as to the actual number. Some files are damaged for sure.

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That's why you have Error Count: You have to write zeros to these sectors if you ever want to make the disk work because the sectors can be relocated only when they are being written. I can't tell you how to operate on hfs filesystem because I've never used it. If you had ext4, you could use fsck with the following options:. So, you could get the list of all bad blocks, and then you could know their location, which can help to estimate if the bad blocks damaged regular files or something else. I was using debugfs.

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Then you could write zeros to these sectors via:. This kills your disk, or already killed it. My disk, for instance, has lifetime k. I found out about this when it reached k Ultimately, I disabled this feature in my disk firmware, and it works so far. The next thing is the filesystem supperblock. You should have done a copy of that block for this kind of situation, and after removing badblocks, you could restore the superblock. If the superblock got damaged, and you don't have the backup, or you don't remember the location of backup sectors, you won't be able to recover data.

Try to use:. But you can read the filesystem ls command , so it's not that bad, and I think after removing the badblocks and deleting some files, everything should be fine. SpinRite is not file system dependent. As you have already used other fsck repair tools, you need to use DiskWarrior in " scavenge " mode. You can reach the hidden "scavenge" option by press and hold the alt before pressing the button "Rebuild" "Rebuild" changes to "Rebuild Now add a check mark to "Scavenge" and start "Rebuild". DiskWarrior's "scavenge" is optimized for recovering files after another disk repair utility has already been used to recover files.

The OP's corruption might be caused by logical or physical issues. DiskWarrior specializes in eliminating "logical" directory errors, SpinRite specializes in recovering data caused by "physical" hard drive issues. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Que faire? Message 4. On se tient au courant, si l'un trouve une solution? Amicalement, Denis. Message 5. Je regarde et te fais un feed back Message 6. Avec disk warrior meme probleme que sur l utilitaire de disk, il voit le dur externe mais ne peut agir dessus. Avec techtools visiblement plus complet , je peux le tester, il me dit qu il trouve 4 bad blocks apres une heure de moulinette j entends le dur tourner et ensuite le message "surface scan failed" sur la fenetre report. En revanche dans d'autres fonctiions telles que data recovery, il ne voit pas le dur externe. Any idea???? Message 7.