Retrieve photos from icloud on mac

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How to access the iCloud Photo Library on your Mac

How to recover photos from iCloud? This guide is also available in other languages: How to retrieve photos from iCloud? Here in this post, to help you recover photos from iCloud, we will show you the detailed steps of these 4 methods respectively. Method 1: Retrieve Photos from iCloud Online Method 4: Retrieve Photos from iCloud Drive. As mentioned before, the traditional iCloud backup restoring way will erase all the data and settings on your iPhone iPad.

  • [4 Ways] How to Recover Photos from iCloud to iPhone/Mac/PC.
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  • How to access the iCloud Photo Library on Mac.

You may lose more photos or other files by restoring your device with a wrong iCloud backup. But, if you can make sure that the backup contains the photos you need and the current data on the device is useless for you, then you can still use this method to retrieve photos from iCloud backup. And here is how to do:. Certainly, the process is simpler. All you need to do is follow the next few steps assuming you have already installed dr. If already installed, you will have to launch the software first to get started. A screen will pop up showing you three recovery options:.

Currently focussing on retrieving your photos back from iCloud only, click on "Recover from iCloud Backup Files. A login page will then open asking you to enter your iCloud account details. This process is completely safe, and password is stored nowhere. A list of backup files stored in your account will then appear.

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Choose the file from which you want to retrieve your photos from and click on the download button. This will open a new tab. Click the "Download" button on the program to download the iCloud backup file for the pictures you need. After a few minutes, a list of photos in your two selected folders will open.

You can scan through the pictures and choose the ones you want to restore. After selection, click on the "Recover to Computer" button on the bottom right corner.

How to restore your photos using iCloud Photo Library

This will ask for permission for the location of download. After selection hit the save button. You can opt to download only those data which hold relevance now. Undoubtedly, dr. If iCloud is your storage room, dr.

A free trial version is now available on their official website along with the premium option. A few clicks are all you need to get all the data back. Backup data on your iOS devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device. Aug 16, Part 1: To retrieve your photos back from your previous device, you have to follow the following steps: Step 1 Update your iOS if needed Assuming that you have already had a backup file uploaded to iCloud, you will need to upgrade your OS first.

Step 2 Check for recent backup file You need to decide which date and time you want your iPhone to go back in. Step 3 Erase all contents and settings Yes, you have to erase the existing settings for your restoration to take effect. Step 4 Restore your iPhone Sign into your iCloud account using the username and password. So, what did you just do? Part 2: Additional features of this software include: