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It was instrumental to the development of the genre, and is still running today. The game is played online, in a fantasy setting similar to that of the other Ultima games that preceded it. Ultima Online is a persistent universe set in the mythical land of Sosaria after the time of the Avatar's defeat of Mondain. Ultima Online: Renaissance is set after Minax's defeat of Lord British.

The worlds that are Sosaria have been split by the powers that are Trammel and Felucca, the moons of Sosaria.

Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy

Trammel, the land of good, honor, and order, links to Felucca, the land of evil, dishonesty, and chaos via a network of moongates and moonstones. Plots evolve by design of the forces of Order and Chaos apparently , and provide a great number of experiences for the player. Super Maintainers: About Maintainership.

For any third-party software and tools, please use their own AppDB entry. The same goes for any comments posted here. Application Details: About Maintainership Plague Adam C. Includes two new jobs, areas, and lore to the nearly 11 year old MMO.

A browser-based online role-playing game. It features nineteen maps and procedurally generated dungeons. Xsyon is an open world MMO set in the near future.

Ultima Online on MacBook

Hyped as a return to "true" sandbox game play. Cataclysm is the third expansion pack to World of Warcraft. This expansion revamped and changed much of the original world content in addition to providing new areas, dungeons, and playable races.

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Set within a unique post-apocalyptic fantasy universe, The Chronicles of Spellborn provides an immersive combat system along with a well fleshed out and unique storyline. Shadows of Angmar. A world of fantasy based around Chinese Mythology. Developed by Beijing Perfect World.

It is a seamless world without instancing. It has 19 races and 15 adventuring classes along with the harvesting and diplomacy spheres of gameplay.

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Guild Wars: Nightfall is the second Guild Wars expansion that opens up new dungeons, monsters and introduces "Heroes" which are henchmen that you customize and control. Angels Online is a free to play MMORPG which features 16 different classes, large operational robots and the ability to switch and mix class-bound skills.

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Guild Wars is a 'competitive online role-playing game' developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft, notable for instanced, skilled play and for being one of the first games of its time without a subscription fee. At its peak, it boasted a player base of over