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I have tried dd and dmg2img to change convert this to an ISO and each time the result is a non bootable iso image. I fear this is not going to be possible now as I am suspecting that my live usb of Mavericks is actually corrupt even though it will reinstall on a mac so long as the date in the bios is changed to as the certificate is long past it's date. Well thanks for your input, if anyone knows a way round this by tweaking something it is still a relatively interesting challenge to conquer.

I just can't quite afford another Mac just yet, but it's on the christmas list. Originally Posted by iFunction.

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I've been trying to do that but it's a permissions issue, I can view images and even play mp3's from it, but can't move them anywhere even as root. I've tried hfstools, I've tried samba, but no joy, I just don't know anyone with a mac currently, it's very frustrating. Also, it's interesting that Virtualbox gives the option for OS X if it is not legal, I'm surprised Apple hasn't jumped on that one to extract money from Oracle for that.

That's correct, it is read only and as a result, copying is not allowed either. Doing Code:. No need to chown the original files. Copy them to your home folder first, and then chown the copy.

How to Boot a Virtual Machine from USB in VirtualBox (Guide)

I am assuming you have already cd'd to the correct folder, as shown by the output of your 'ls -l' command above. Last edited by snowpine; at Great, glad you were able to recover the data! I can tell you from direct personal experience that running MacOS inside of VirtualBox is possible, at least in some circumstances. I believe this does not violate Apple's EULA since I am running on Apple hardware and perhaps this use-case explains why VirtualBox developers at Oracle can openly support this functionality.

If you are curious to learn more about Mac-on-Mac virtualization, I can look up my notes on Monday when I'm back in the office. I haven't personally tried to install MacOS guest on a Linux host, but I have a hunch it is technologically possible.

How to Boot a Virtual Machine from USB in VirtualBox (Guide)

What I would do in your shoes is: If you manage to get a factory-clean MacOS guest spun up in VirtualBox, this will give you a feeling of success, and then you can proceed with confidence if you want to tackle the more advanced project of cloning your legacy Mavericks OS from the USB. It is indeed possible, but the hard part is getting a version of OSX without a mac. My version on a usb stick was made with Unebutin which corrupts the files a little bit, I have had that issue before.

If I can get to a mac at some point, I can log into the app store with my apple ID and download Mavericks again and I might just give it a go, but you have solved my main issue now, so it is no longer so important. Thanks, that explains an awful lot.

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As it happens I made the live usb stick of Mavericks quite a while ago, and to correct the info on this thread should anyone find it, I used this link and did it this way: Also, I still maintain that Unebootin is not a good way to make a live usb and that dd is a better way to go if you use Nvidia graphics drivers, that I know is a problem, I'm not sure how Unebootin messes with the file system but it doesn't seem to give as clean a version as dd does. Finally when I re did the live usb with dd, the Nvidia drivers straight from the package manager just worked straight away with no messing around.

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To open this utility in older versions of Windows, click on the Start Menu and launch a Run dialog. Make note of the disk number associated with your USB drive. VirtualBox gives you the option to create a new virtual disk when you launch a new virtual machine. The information you store on this disk gets mapped to a file somewhere on your real storage device. However, there is a command-line utility, included with the application, that lets you do that.

Open a command prompt with administrator privileges.

How to Boot an OS from a USB Drive in VirtualBox

Change directory to the path where you have installed VirtualBox. Remember the disk number associated with your USB drive, and change the last digit in the following command, if necessary:. You will use this in the next step. To be able to use raw devices as virtual disks, VirtualBox needs to run with administrator privileges. In the following picture you can see a Windows installation kit booting directly from an USB drive in a virtual machine.

Keep in mind that every time you want to boot from your USB drive, you have to run VirtualBox with administrator privileges. On some motherboards, virtualization features are disabled by default. Having trouble with this setup? Let us know in the comments.

Someone else who ran into the same issue might be able to help. Thank you Rick. It was OK in the original form of the article.

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