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Insert a disk if you haven't already, and click the CD on the paper to write. Wait about 30 minutes and your game will be ready to play. Have fun! Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

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Yep, your Nexus 7 utilizes t You've probably already figured out that your Nexus 7 doesn't have a rear camera, but that doesn't mean you can't do some awesome things with your tablet's front camera! Sure, the front-facing camera is only 1. In fact, there's a cool mod f Heartbleed, move over.

There's a new bug in town, and this time it's also affecting Mac and Linux computers.


It's called Shellshock its original official title is CVE , and it's currently got a 10 out of 10 severity rating over at the National Cyber Awareness System Chrome's text selection interface is pretty nice, but it could definitely use some improvements. For instance, when you're in Incognito Mode, you can't perform a web search for words you've highlighted. And when you're typing out a forum post or using any text input field, for For some odd reason, the Chrome Browser on Android doesn't allow you to search selected text when you're in Incognito Mode.

This must have been an oversight on Google's part, because the feature is definitely present with the browser in its normal viewing mode, allowing you to We Nexus users are fairly spoiled. There's a ton of third-party development for our phones, which translates to a virtually endless stream of custom ROMs being made available to us. Blizzard Entertainment, the wildly successful video game developer that brought us World of Warcraft and StarCraft, has finally released their popular trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft to the Android platform.


If you've never heard of it, Hearthstone is an off Despite concerns with SafetyNet, Google actually cares about root. Every phone they sell has an unlockable bootloader, so you can toggle a setting and send a Fastboot command, then start flashing custom firmware right away. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL continue this tradition, a A patch to fix the exploit has been released. Download it here.

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So far, it has only been The main objective is to defend your Obsidian temple while attempting to destroy the opponents. To do so a pickaxe will spawn 3m after you begin and every 3 minutes after that in the temple in the centre jungle. Many features from the 1. Have fun: OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, is a free online storage solution developed by Microsoft. If you're a fan of using cloud-based storage systems, then OneDrive offers you plenty of benefits.

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It's also heavily integrated into Windows 10, including the new File Explorer, in YouTube is a great place for all your mainstream audio and video needs. First of all, before we start, the modules and some of the tutorials belongs to Und3rf10w, not mine! Original stuff from him is here: Here's what's on the table.

The update features security fixes to improve protectio It wouldn't be iPhone season without a new controversy. If you plug in your iPhone at night — or whenever — then wake up or come back later and see that yo Linux may not be the most popular consumer operating system out there, but what it lacks in consumer app variety, it definitely makes up for in flexibility and security.

And if you've ever tinkered with a Linux distro, you know how easy they are to install—most of the time, I Changing the look and feel of an app's user interface can really make it more pleasurable.

Popular apps like Facebook or Twitter may take for granted the importance of a clean UI, since the companies have hundreds of millions of users no matter what their apps look like. Apple released the official iOS This latest update was released off Apple's normal release schedule to quickly patch the "Telugu" character bug that causes erratic behav Apple released the second developer beta for iOS The new update features over 70 new emoji, including emoji with red hair, gray hair and curly hair, and an emoji for bald people, among many others.

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It also introduces a fix for iPhone X S and Three months after its promise, Apple has pushed out an iOS update that gives you important information about the health of your iPhone's battery. This means you no longer need tools such as Geekbench and Battery Life to determine whether or not you need a replacement battery. Here's what to expect. In addition to the December security update, which patches 10 issues found with Samsung's software, as well as 11 critical problems for A