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Please note that some types of USB flash memories cannot be used for firmware updates, or cannot be accessed from the LS9 at all.

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Before performing any firmware upgrade it is good practice to back-up console data to a USB memory device. Copy the following file to root directory of your USB memory.

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Insert your USB memory and power on. LS9 detects the file and shows the following message. Wait until completing the update. LS9 automatically restarts and becomes ready to use. Initialize LS9.

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They are the same as V1. New Feature Now supports macOS OS Mac OS We recommend MacPorts which custom builds ImageMagick in your environment some users prefer Homebrew. Download MacPorts and type:. The port command downloads ImageMagick and many of its delegate libraries e. Create or choose a directory to install the package into and change to that directory, for example:.

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You can download the iOS distribution directly from ImageMagick's repository. The first one includes headers and compiled libraries that have been used to compile ImageMagick.

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Most users would need this one. This script compiles ImageMagick as a static library to be included in iOS projects and adds support for. You can import it into your Xcode project.

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After including everything into Xcode please also make sure to have these settings Build tab of the project information:. A sample project is available for download. It is not updated too often, but it does give an idea of all the settings and some ways to play around with ImageMagick in an iOS application.

The amount of memory can be an important factor, especially if you intend to work on large images. Fix for back button in OAuth2 Wizard: Put errors into a scroll area Wizard: Do not abort applying selective sync if one folder has an error Protocol: Introduce context menu with "open in browser" Protocol: Correct sorting by size Issues tab: Invalidate issues selectively Issues tab: Remove the text that a server does not support activities when the account is removed Activities: Handle the fact that the username can contain a ' ' Notifications: Lower hiding timeout Notifications: Also have clickable link Shell integration: Add "Open in browser" entry in the explorer menu Sync journal: Fix crash when unmounting a drive while a sync is running Client certs: Improve error message Settings: Hide selective sync buttons while disconnected Settings: Show account page when account created Settings: Move "About" to a dialog Settings: Force sync should wipe the blacklist Excludes: Optimize further the matching of exclude files using regular expression Windows: Update Overlay Icon naming Windows: Look for exclude file in a relative path.

Versionize settings Settings: Fix rename migration issue on old macOS Credentials: Re-try on Linux if daemon not running , Windows: Hostname validation and reconnection on setting change owncloudcmd: Set proxy earlier Exclude regex: Restore old matching on Windows Build system: Modernize the CMakeLists.

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When detecting a local move, keep the local mtime Sync: Better error handling for local directory parsing Sync: Error if properties are missing Sync: Do not abort a sync if the server closes the connection Sync: Fix renames making hierarchy inversion Sync: Fix empty vs null Sync: Fix the "direction" of the "all file delted" message when the server is reset Data-Fingerprint: Fix backup detection when fingerprint is empty propagateuploadv1: Fixed an assert with ownCloud 5 Download: Use the from the reply in the error message , SocketAPI: Refresh folders on Problem sync SyncJournal: Clear etag filter before sync SyncEngine: Use separate state for two unicode conversions owncloudcmd: Do not read the proxy settings from the gui's config file ProgressInfo: Add information for local vs remote discovery SyncResult: Make sure the number of conflicts is correct Remove the "CSync" wording from the error messages Apply branding to crashreporter resources file SslButton: Improve speed especially on macOS Folder: Fix checking if the folder can be used as sync folder Blacklisting must prevent parent etag updates FolderStatusModel: Not a ColumnProvider Nautilus integration: Fix python3 compatibility , Nautilus: Guard against None state Dolphin plugin: Always use a transaction Folders: Use "Problem" icon for unresolved conflicts macOS: Unload the Finder extension on exit , Logging: Compress log when switching files Logging: Add persistent auto-logdir option Logging: Allow 10 MB of size Logging: High-DPI layout fixes Network settings: Better warnings about bad configuration Folder watcher: Show a notification if it becomes unreliable Ignore editor: Preserve comments in the exclude list file Updater: Remove unused installers before copying new ones into the appdata dir ConnectionValidator: Warn when the server version is less than Refactorings to avoid errors Crash fixes and more Windows: Fix missing company name in our DLLs Windows: More tray workarounds libocsync: Fix infinite loop when the refresh token is expired Windows MSI: Fix crash in the auto updater Nautilus: Guard against None state version 2.

Add update channel feature Updater: Fixes for sync folders on removable media , SslButton: Adjust minimum version based on our Qt macOS: Unload the Finder extension on exit , Upload: Adjust timeout for final job based on file size Sync: When detecting a local move, keep the local mtime Credentials: Retry fetching from the keychain in case the keychain is still starting , OAuth2: Try to refresh the token even if the credentials weren't ready version 2.

Speed up insertion and add hard upper limit Notifications: Fix "Dismiss" action Notifications: Fix timer invocation on macOS Notifications: Immediately poll when account online Protocol: Remove entries for auto resolved conflicts owncloudcmd: Set proxy before capabilities call owncloudcmd: Do not do the capability call when --nonshib is passed Avatars: Change default share name Sharing: Use maximum allowed permissions for new share Nautilus integration: Work with python2 and python3 Windows: Don't delete contents behind directory junctions SyncJournal: Only allow with Qt 5.

OAuth2 authentication support by opening external browser Shibboleth: Change to use OAuth2 if supported Sharing: Add support for multiple public link shares Sharing: Add option "show file listing" Sharing: Show warning that links are public Sharing: Sharing dialog redesign: Make "can edit" partially checked sometimes Sharing: Trigger a sync for folder affected by a change of sharing Wizard: Never propose an existing folder for syncing Wizard: Don't show last page anymore, go to settings directly Wizard: Handle url-shortener redirects Wizard: Add explanation text when server error is shown Wizard: Update the window size on high dpi screen Wizard: Don't report confusing error message Gui: Display the user server avatar Gui: Use display name of user, not internal name Server URL: Update configuration in case of permanent redirection Gui: Allow to add multiple sync folder connection of the same folder Tray Menu: More detailed status messages Tray Menu: Present conflicts more prominently Activity: Allow sorting the columns in issues and protocol tabs , Selective Sync: Open sub folder context menu Selective Sync: Skip excluded folders when reading db Selective Sync: Remove local files of unselected folder despite other modified files Excludes: Hardcode desktop.

Allow escaping " " Excludes: Use faster matching via QRegularExpression Discovery: General speed improvements Downloads: Remove empty temporary if disk space full Downloads: Read Content-MD5 header for object store setups Checksums: Add global disable environment variable Quota: Model of remote quota, avoid some uploads Create favorite also in folder wizard Windows: Use the application icon for the Windows 8 sidebar favorite , macOS: Finder sidebar icon Overlay Icons: Consider also the "shared by me" as shared Overlay Icons: Update right after sharing Overlay Icons: Fix different case paths not matching Overlay Icons: Detect changes in the shared flag Windows Overlay Icons: Potential hang fixes Linux Overlay Icons: Fix behavior for bad password Credentials: Don't create empty client cert keychain entries Credentials: Namespace windows cred keys Credentials: Use per-account keychain entries , AccountSettings: Triggering log in re-ask about previously rejected certificates owncloudcmd: Added bandwidth limit parameter owncloudcmd: Fix timestamps, Fix --logdebug AccountSettings: Sync with clean discovery on Ctrl-F6 Sync: Dynamic sizing of chunks in chunked uploads for improved big file upload performance Sync: Introduce overall errors that are not tied to a file Sync: Better messaging for Insufficient Storage Sync: Don't let errors become warnings Sync: Check etag again after active sync Sync: Rename handling fixes: File size must be equal Sync: Rename handling: Add capability for invalid filename regexes SyncJournalDB: Don't crash if the db file is readonly SyncJournalDB: Detect maintenance mode Maintenance Mode: Add a 1 to 5 min reconnection delay HTTP: Don't start if connection or auth fails csync: Refactor a lot to use common data structures to save memory and memory copying csync: Switch some data structures to Qt data structures csync: Rudimentary support for beta channel version 2.

Require ZLIB version 2.