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Binh - Bar Manager, is always on hand to welcome guests and to mix your favourite drink.

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Our staff prepare innovative and glamorous cocktails with favourites including Pair on the River and The Deck Signature Martinis. Our Grand Cru selection for the more discerning palate is extensive, with something for experts and novices alike. We offer pick-up service at hotels in District 1. A prepayment is required before confirming the booking. For inquiry email us.

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  • Should you wish to book a table, please contact us on info thedecksaigon. Welcome to The Deck Reservation. If you are in Saigon and up for a little chance of scene with a more upscale ambience and chill-out lounge club atmosphere, this is your place to go. Cocktails, nibbles. Even took our super young kids for an early meal. Favorite place to bring guests". Our Team The Deck Saigon employs around 65 staff trained and supervised by an experienced western management team with over 50 years of combined experience in Vietnam.

    Our Bar The bar is a chilled-out place to catch up with friends and unwind after work. Breakfast View Menu.

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    Lunch View Menu. Brunch View Menu. Dinner View Menu. Desserts View Menu. Arrive by boat I. Welcome drink — glass of Prosecco per guest. We have two options: Canap's, Rose wine, natural water, wet towels, and service staff. Pax 1 hour 2 4. Email us for Enquiry. The Deck bar.

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    Wines View Menu. Subsequently, the only remaining Khmers' sea access was south-westerly at the Gulf of Thailand e. He is often credited with the expansion of Saigon into a significant settlement. Colonized by France and Spain in , and ceded to France by the Treaty of Saigon , [17] the city was influenced by the French during their colonisation of Vietnam, and a number of classical Western-style buildings and French villas in the city reflect this.

    Saigon had, in , a population of ,, including 12, French. The Viet Minh proclaimed the independence of Vietnam in after a combined occupation by Vichy France and Japan, and before the Communist revolution in China. They were led by Ho Chi Minh. The Viet Minh-held sections of Vietnam were more concentrated in rural areas. Following the death of Franklin Roosevelt and the abandonment of anti-colonialist policies, the U. South Vietnam was a capitalist and anti-communist state which fought against the communist North Vietnamese and their allies during the Vietnam War , with the assistance of the United States and other countries.

    On 30 April , Saigon fell , ending the Vietnam War. At the conclusion of the Vietnam War on 30 April , the city came under the control of the Vietnamese People's Army. Among Vietnamese diaspora communities and particularly the U. The former name Saigon is still widely used by many Vietnamese, especially in informal contexts. Ho Chi Minh City is a municipality at the same level as Vietnam's provinces , which is subdivided into 24 district-level sub-divisions as of They are further subdivided into 5 commune-level towns or townlets , 58 communes, and wards as of [update] , see List of HCMC administrative units below.

    There are several vice chairmen and chairwomen on the committee with responsibility for various city departments. The chairman of the People's Committee is ranked second in the city politics after the Secretary of the Communist Party, while the chairman of the People's Council is ranked third. The population of Ho Chi Minh City, as of the 1 October census, was 6,, of which 19 inner districts had 5,, residents and 5 suburban districts had , inhabitants. The result of the Census shows that the city's population was 7,, people, [40] about 8. As of the end of , the total population of the city was 7,, people, an increase of 3.

    The city's population is expected to grow to The majority of the population are ethnic Vietnamese Kinh at about Cholon — in District 5 and parts of Districts 6, 10 and 11 — is home to the largest Chinese community in Vietnam. Other ethnic minorities include Khmer with 0. The three most prevalent religions in Ho Chi Minh City are Mahayana Buddhism with Taoism and Confucianism via ancestor worship , which are often celebrated together in the same temple. Most Vietnamese and Han Chinese are strongly influenced by these traditional religious practices.

    Ho Chi Minh City is the economic center of Vietnam and accounts for a large proportion of the economy of Vietnam. Although the city takes up just 0. As of June , the city has been home to three export processing zones and twelve industrial parks. In , Ho Chi Minh City's contribution to the annual revenues in the national budget increased by 30 percent, accounting for about The consumption demand of Ho Chi Minh City is higher than other Vietnamese provinces and municipalities and 1.

    In , GDP of the city grew 7. By the end of , the city's GDP grew 9. The economy of Ho Chi Minh City consists of industries ranging from mining, seafood processing, agriculture, and construction, to tourism, finance, industry and trade. The state-owned sector makes up Concerning its economic structure, the service sector accounts for Quang Trung Software Park is a software park situated in District The park also includes a software training school. Together with the Hi-Tech Park in District 9 , and the 32 ha. This park helps the city in particular and Vietnam in general to become an outsourcing location for other enterprises in developed countries, as India has done.

    Some , businesses, including many large enterprises, are involved in high-tech, electronic, processing and light industries, and also in construction, building materials and agricultural products. Additionally, crude oil is a popular economic base in the city. Investors are still pouring money into the city. Investment trends to high technology, services and real estate projects.

    More than fifty banks with hundreds of branches and about 20 insurance companies are also located inside the city. The Stock Exchange , the first stock exchange in Vietnam, was opened in There are medium and large-scale markets as well as several supermarket chains, shopping malls, and fashion and beauty centres. Total cargo transport to Ho Chi Minh City's ports reached In November , a brand new trade centre, Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre, also opened its doors.

    Today, the city's core is still adorned with wide elegant boulevards and historic French colonial buildings. The majority of these tourist spots are located in District 1 and are a short leisurely distance from each other.

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    The city is also home to most of the private film companies in Vietnam. It was approximated that 4. However, rail transport is not fully developed and presently comprises only 0.

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    A project to dredge these routes has been approved to facilitate transport, to be implemented in — The Ho Chi Minh City Metro , a rapid transit network, is currently in the preparation stages, with the first line currently under construction, to be completed by [73]. Planners expect the route to serve more than , passengers daily. Public buses run on many routes and tickets can be purchased on the bus. Ho Chi Minh City has a number of coach houses, which house coach buses to and from other areas in Vietnam.

    The main means of transport within the city are motorbikes, buses, taxis, and bicycles. Motorbikes remain the most common way to move around the city. Taxis are plentiful and usually have meters, although it is also common to agree on a price before taking a long trip, for example, from the airport to the city centre. A popular activity for tourists is a tour of the city on cyclos , which allow for longer trips at a more relaxed pace. For the last few years, cars have become more popular. The government has called out motorcycles as the reason for the congestion and has developed plans to reduce the number of motorcycles and to improve public transport.

    The health care system of the city is relatively developed with a chain of about government owned hospitals or medical centres and dozens of privately owned clinics. Though the former schools are all public, private education is also available in Ho Chi Minh City. High school consists of grade 10—12 sophomore, junior, and senior. Higher education in Ho Chi Minh City is a burgeoning industry; the city boasts over 80 universities and colleges with a total of over , students. In addition to the above public universities, Ho Chi Minh City is also home to several private universities.

    Ho Chi Minh City is the second largest art city in Vietnam. The city's media is the most developed in the country. At present, there are seven daily newspapers: The city has hundreds of printing and publishing houses, many bookstores and a widespread network of public and school libraries; the city's General Library houses over 1. Internet coverage, especially through ADSL connections, is rapidly expanding, with over 2,, subscribers and around 5.

    As in all of Vietnam, Internet access is regulated; websites containing sensitive political or religious content are routinely blocked, [86] and certain websites have been blocked, though government officials deny that this is intentional. As of [update] , Ho Chi Minh City was home to 91 football fields, 86 swimming pools, gyms.

    As well as being a sporting venue, it is also the site of a music school. Ho Chi Minh City is home to a number of association football clubs. League 1 in , —94, , and — The team currently plays in Vietnam's First Division. Navibank Saigon F. League 1. Several other sports are represented by teams in the city, such as volleyball, basketball, chess, athletics, and table tennis.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Municipality in Vietnam. Clockwise, from top left: Ho Chi Minh City. Main article: Names of Ho Chi Minh City. List of HCMC administrative units v t e. This section may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards. You can help. The discussion page may contain suggestions. December Declared monuments of Ho Chi Minh City. See also: List of historic buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. Main articles: List of universities in Ho Chi Minh City. This section does not cite any sources.

    Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Media of Vietnam and Telecommunications in Vietnam. Vietnam portal. Archived from the original on 7 February Retrieved 15 June Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 9 September War and hope: Pantheon Books.

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