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So as you say the cost is significantly higher than the PC. But one thing which wasn't taken into account was the screen. But in the end it's pure opinion, and in my case with a lot of apple devices I can utilise all the features of the ecosystem, where my Windows pc felt kind of left out and isolated in the setup, but for someone not invested in the Apple ecosystem, and only wants to play games, Apple can't compete by a long shot in terms of price for performance.

Windows dunks on Mac for any heavy productivity work though. And casual use it's a toss up; pure preference. Macs are solid for certain creative things and that's about the only actual advantage they have at this point.

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The major difference is that the you're getting a fundamentally inferior game screen. Losing out on adaptive refresh when you can only push 60 FPS is criminal in That's a massive weakness in performance that really can't be overcome. The value of a comparable standalone screen is much, much more without even getting into the poor iMac performance even if you opted to spend the same amount as the iMac. Bottom line is that you're paying a big markup on the brand name only.

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Nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is. The ad agency my wife works at switched from Mac to PC this year. More powerful workstations for creative work at a tiny fraction of the cost. It's a myth that Macs are for creative people. Macs are for college students that get a PC from Mommy and Daddy. I have to disagree - Mac OS has plenty of exclusive apps for digital design that don't have alternative solution on windows - Sketch, which is industry standard in app design.

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Principle, framer. When you say productivity it seems like you associate productivity with one specific thing. Productivity is being productive and producing something, which macs are superior in. Well, when you look at a monitor, it seems like you want a gaming monitor and hence declare the imacs monitor inferior. I see the resolution, the colors etc, since they determine how great it is to work on this screen.

For gaming, the monitor on the imac 5k is not ideal, but for everything else, it is. My gaming rig i just sold was 2. This productivity nonsense was the huge advertising strategy of Apple, but it simply isn't true. A Windows machine isn't necessarily better, but similarly specced machines are equal.

Have you used both for professional work? If you have used both, you at least will be able to understand what i mean. I have been in IT for 20 years. I have managed both and supported both. It could be fair for you to say that you prefer it for productivity, but making these baseless blanket statements about how it is better is a bit ridiculous.

Seriously dude, get a life! You clearly stated that macs are Superior. They are not. Again, it would be fair to say that you prefer the Mac, but you are drawing all of these conclusions based on subjective reasoning. Some expect more fps in games and that is what they are paying for, others expext a better experience.

I don't understand why people buy Apple products. It used to be the security, still bullshit reason, but I'm not sure that's even the case anymore. The only thing that can be justified is the iPhone. It's far easier to implement IT Security permissions on an iPhone and have a more secure app than android or windows.

Android apps inherently are less secure. So from a big business IT network perspective, Apple phones are just plain easier to work with. I mean they are more powerful than many world governments so that propaganda machine is strong.

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Can't really blame people. Just gtfo my gaming forum spreading that shit. BTW I actually own a macbook and love it. My gf uses it for netflix and shit. Should anyone ever buy a mac for any kind of gaming? Fuck no. There is nothing you can't do with a Windows machine either. Your argument is you can't run apples proprietary bullshit? Because they are a dogshit company? Because if they allowed that type of open environment no one would pay 3k for a 1k machine?

Even windows users bash microsoft for their OS. As a developer you can understand what a great operating system is and what is not, since you can understand the effort put into it perfecting it rather than just making it halfbaked. I guess as a poor person my perspective is skewed. But the majority of those things don't seem worth it to me.

My SO's MacBook just gave up the ghost and it was the battery and charger. I'm getting a new laptop and giving her my trusty Toshiba. Keeping the MacBook and going to replace the parts on my own later.

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As was said above, it's not worth the cost, regardless of resale value. Well, you could give the same arguments about vehicles. And the CPU will definitely be a nice boost over your current system. I have the same MacBook Pro, though with the 2. I can hit 60fps in pretty much all parts of the world, but drop to fps in heavy spell effect situations like Argus phase 4 and Antoran High Command.

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I took the same settings into alpha and the experience was much the same. Anything short of the recent 15 inch MacBook Pro's isn't worth it. If you use this laptop that is strictly for WoW so it will be sufficient until next expansions, but for current gen games, not much, they usually run at low to med setting, so Radeon Pro is barely better than PS4 GPU, so it means that you will enjoy games with console quality graphic usually mixed of low to med, also high for some remaster.

Apr 3. Wait for refresh. Apr 4. Omegal, have you noticed a signficant bump to performance from multiple cores in the BfA alpha? I should look at hackintoshing my old Z97 machine and firing up my old 6 core for some performance comparisions wt my new 10 core hackintosh.

What do you mean? Did get if I should go for it or nah. As said I will use it primarly for work. The only game I am playing is WoW so don't care about the others. So you think it will let me enjoy WoW? Not looking for Ultra but at least a decent quality and a smooth experience. So if you get one with as good a GPU as you can get, that's essentially as good as you can get with regards to games. So expect to have to live with whatever you buy it with for the life of the laptop.

Apr 5. Apr 6. Apr 8. Thanks to the OP and everyone who participated in this discussion. I couldn't ask for a more detailed answer than this thread.