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Read More from a command line interface. Suspected hardware issues, when trying to find out which specific component is causing an issue. Another tool that comes bundled with your Mac is Apple Hardware Test.

How to Perform Apple Diagnostics to Uncover and Fix Hardware Problems

Read More , though it lacks the detail required to make serious repairs. The age of your machine will determine whether you use Apple Diagnostics or Apple Hardware Test, but they do the same job and launch using the same shortcut. For making deep system tweaks, cleaning up caches, and fiddling with the OS. OnyX is the jack of all trades maintenance tool for macOS.

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Just like Disk Utility, you can use OnyX to verify the structure of the startup disk. It can also repair permissions, something that most users of El Capitan or later will never need to do.

Fix Mac hardware problems after running Apple Diagnostics

Here are several places to find and clear temporary files to regain storage space on macOS. Read More , though generally speaking you should let the OS take care of this task. OnyX can also show and hide files, folders, and applications, plus access macOS applications like the hidden Network Utility and Directory Utility tools with a click. Finally, you can tweak some settings that are usually only available via Terminal prompts. These include the format, location, and naming conventions for screenshots, recent folder and file listings, Safari tweaks like history cutoff and DNS prefetching; startup sounds, and even graphical effects throughout the OS.

Crashes, freezes, app instability—particularly if you just installed some new memory.

How to use Apple Diagnostics on your Mac

RAM is one of the last internal components Mac owners can still customize—on some machines at least. The iMac in particular still provides a window at the back that pops open and allows you to add physical memory. Application crashes, hard reboots, and freezing are all symptoms of dud memory. Even the old sticks of RAM installed when your machine was new can fail, leading to problems.

MemTest86 is a free tool for thoroughly testing your RAM and isolating memory problems. Choose the USB boot option from the menu and follow the prompts. There are memory testing tools that run under macOS or via a graphical interface. But the problem with this approach is that your operating system is already using the RAM you want to test.

By booting into a lightweight Unix environment, you can test the RAM more thoroughly. Your Mac is susceptible to malware, even though the likelihood of infection is low. Read More and Gatekeeper to limit damage from errant third-party software. But exploits still happen, and Malwarebytes is a free solution to keep you protected.

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A quick scan from time to time, as well as running the updates when they arrive, should be enough to keep you safe. When you suspect malware is persistently trying to install itself on your machine. Here are the apps you should check out. This is the hallmark of many vehicles used to deliver malware, though the app will also detect benign applications that do this as part of their regular operation.

The app is integrated with VirusTotal protection, indicating if anything unusual is attempting to install something more sinister. If Apple Diagnostics reports a potential issue, it will provide a reference diagnostic code and a brief explanation of what the issue pertains to. You can then get further information by making note of the Apple Diagnostics reference code number and checking the Apple Reference Codes page here for additional information.

How to use Apple Diagnostics

This is a helpful resource and should assist you in troubleshooting a hardware problem. Remember, the Apple Diagnostics tool is helpful, but it is not definitive. If you are experiencing problems on a Mac that seem to be clearly related to a hardware problem, you will probably want to do the following:. The good news is that hardware problems are rare, and most hardware problems are fixable.

In fact, many hardware issues will be covered by the Apple warranty or Applecare Extended Warranty, meaning a repair would be free of charge, as long as the problem is not not from damage or user-caused behavior. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Mikex69 This hint was not about fear, it was about educating readers to deal with potential problems.

I, for one, am grateful for the info. Disconnect all devices and cables connected to the Mac that are not required for it to function i. That makes it a little difficult to proceed to steps Perhaps the author has the thought control version of OSX…. Name required.

In Depth: Mac OS X Wi-Fi Diagnostics

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