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Turn up with a clean face. I am so dry they often tone and moisturise again when I get there to achieve a flawless result. Tell them the look you want and mention any products you specifically want to try. After the makeover let them know which products you want to purchase. You don't have to buy any, but then you pay the service fee. So you may as well buy at least to the value of the charge.

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When I have a special event, I book at a counter where I know there is a product or products I am happy to purchase. Making the process "free". I personally ask lots of questions and let them push my look a little. That way I find new colours, products and techniques that I would not have, had I always stuck to one look. I have run the drag queen gauntlet but it keeps me out of a rut. Personal preference, your mileage may vary. I hope these tips are of some help.

Don't forget to ask to try the new Grandiose Mascara. To Melbourne Ladies, This is somewhat unrelated to this topic but I'm in need of some help. I see Beautyheaven as a very friendly online community where people can share their ideas, opinions and offer their advice and support. I understand if most of you do not live in close proximity to Melbourne city. I will be providing free Make-up Services on 21st Saturday March for an assessment and am looking for clients.

We're currently using the professional brand Young Blood Mineral cosmetics. These products are formulated for any skin type especially for sensitive, acne and aging skin. Here are the appointments times for 21st Saturday, March: It has mad a big difference to typical dry skin areas: Once again Maybelline does not disappoint with this latest addition to the super stay coverage range. This foundation is super easy to use and it glides onto your skin smoothly. Some Palmolive scents can be poorly blended, but this hand wash smells lovely! There is more vanilla than almond scent.

It's interesting how we discover products - I learn a lot from here on BH, friends and also some of the…. That is a breakthrough, if this does come into fruition. Has any other beauty on BH heard about this…. As we get older our eyes tell it the most. There are so many treatments for under eyes and fine lines…. With the advent of technology, things took a drastic change, as people started using the online sites….

Hello buddy, Good day to all. And also sorry for my off topic here. I need your help with one of my…. Skip to main content.

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Request new password. Have you got your Make Up Professionally done? Hey Guys!

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Share and tell us your thoughts! Thank you for your contributions!! Cosmetics queen1 13 Sep Little Heart 13 Sep Princess75 14 Sep Beauty Obsession 14 Sep 3: TeeBee 14 Sep 9: Ms Jee 14 Sep Thanks heaps guys!

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Great experiences there! Chantelle9 18 Sep 7: I've always been keen to get mine done professionally too! David Jones and Country Road Group. A genuine, open and high performing culture. Ongoing training and. Brisbane QLD jobs. Clinique Description Clinique.

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What company, title or skill. Where City or State. Keywords Advanced Search. Jobs 1 - 10 of Sort By: Date Relevance. I contacted their customer service and believe me they have horrible horrible customer service. I have been promised to be contacted by regional manager several times but still no contact.

Its a brand with the most pathetic customer service. I'm very disappointed with your service at two Mac stores in Doncaster and Northland. Both places I got tested for a colour concealer and both gave me a wrong colour that when I went home turned out very dark or very dark red. On wanting a refund or exchange I was told it had to be in resellable condition and I showed her the product which was untouched basically clean resellable and she said no sorry. I have been a good customer because you guys had our dark or brown shades but because of this poor service.

I will never buy Mac again I'm going to Rihannas line and getting myself tested their and to Mecca services who gives samples at least if you don't see the right match till later use. I purchased a lipstick matte from mac online and the lipstick arrived along with a sample mascara the lipstick wasn't even matte then because I liked the mascara went into highpoint myer to purchase the actual mascara told her the sample and she went to grab it I paid for it only when I got home I realised it's the wrong one she sold me. I ordered a package from MAC Cosmetics which was left at the wrong address I had given them the right address, the driver had left it at the wrong address.

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I called Aus post and they told me they would open an investigation but for me to also speak with MAC if they could also call Aus post about the issue. All I was asking for was help in the situation and for them to call Aus post to help me. I spend A LOT of money with MAC but after this experience, the fact they will not help long long term returning customers is disgraceful! Not only aware but still selling it and pushing the sales to woman everywhere. You might package it in a shiny box doesn't make it a quality product.

What a joke customer service! First, I never receive any email says I need to send them anything after the payment actually already go through! Do not buy anything from their online store, never see a customer service like this! I had order makeup from M.

C and the items were left at my door by Australia Post, I have never had anything stolen in the 10 years I have lived there but this particular time my parcel was stolen. I rang Aus Post to ask where my parcel was as I had received an email saying it was delivered, they had sent me a picture of where they left and told me it looks like it had been stolen. I went to the police know they wouldnt be able to do much and they gave me a case number, I contacted M. C the next day and emailed through the picture Aus Post sent and the Police Report and they resent the goods no questions asked I was extremely impressed with their service and I will be very happy to go through them again.

This time though I am getting it sent to my work address. Went there with my friend to look for a lip liner thats long lasting. So we were waiting for the salesgirls to stop chatting with each other at the counter to help us out, up until this girl came to help. Thought she was kind etc, so I asked few simple questions of the differences between the lipliners.

Then she rudely responded with the answers, I mean why do you have to be so rude for I just saw you giggling with your colleagues behind the counter few minutes back.

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And then she just stormed off to chat with her colleagues behind the counter, and ignoring us when me and my friend has decided on the lip liner. Hence, we just drop the product there right away and went to buy a lip liner from the brand thats in front of their booth that has way better customer service than MAC Sydney Myer. What a load of crap.. Head office advised to see the manager about camera footage at the time of purchase. When my mum spoke to the manager about that she basically said no point as the 1 that's left there in stock was from a stock transfer.

I have 2 young adult daughters who spend a lot of money every year on MAC.. The shade I used is 7. My advice - always ask for a sample. The Good: Excellent coverage.