Mac error message no airport card installed

Lotsa complaints about this in Mac forums but Apple seems to act blur. FinchGuy wrote: Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are On. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Oct Posts: Jan Posts: When doing this I could also hear some electrical squeaking noises. I disconnected the antennas, unscrewed and reseated the airport card. The yellow tape is difficult to remove, I cut it in half on the spot to be able to reseat the card.

When examining the keyboard I could see that it had a slight bend in it downwards toward the motherboard and that was probably causing me to apply pressure on the airport card when I rested my hands on the keyboard to type, or, sometimes even by itself. When putting the keyboard back on, I made a slight bend in it backwards especially around the area of the airport card to get some more space between there.

It is now running without any problems, and I make sure not to lift the computer with only the one hand on the airport card side. My wifi stopped working. Just keeps saying turn wifi on, but it won't turn on. One thing you said interested me. Just before this happened, I was about to set my computer down, and my sister moved something and asked me to set it in a different place which caused me to hold it in one hand longer than usual.

I rarely hold it in one hand. Never really thought about it. Maybe I pressed down on something when I did that? It was working before that, and I had put it to sleep. When I opened it at her house, I couldn't connect, and the wifi signal was blank. No wifi since then.

Fix “Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed” Error on Mac OS X

Any suggestions? I've already done all things you said: Now I'm trying new airport update downloaded two days ago and testing if the problem persist. I've also installed iStat to monitor the airport temperature. There are no special conditions for the airport crash, the length of time is varies each time and the program I'm using when it goes down is different every time. I've already replaced the airport card and the problem persist.

With the first airport card, the mac was fine, maybe till I've done an upgrade, and then the airport stopped working, so I've decided to replace it and with the new card will have the problems described above. When I bought the new airport card I've checked if the Apple's seal of approval was intact and it was so I hope that the card was new when I bought it. Do you have an Apple store in your area?


I'd take it in, and cross your fingers and hope you get a good tech who will do some free testing. They have special diagnostic tools that are specific to Apple that might be able to give you a clearer picture where the problem is.

My Airport works well at startup and after a random time it goes off. When it goes off the only way I can get it to work again is to restart the Mac. I thought it can be a software problem too and I've format my system with Snow Leopard. The problem still there. Some people say there is no solution. I too have the same problem.

I have a Macbook 13" A and the airport card just quit out of the blue. It says "Airport card not detected" and it won't allow me to turn airport card on.

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If I reboot it about a dozen times it will suddenly be working again, but will inevitably crash they system. Most often it is not detected. After reading the forum posts here I think I'll just bring it to the Apple store and see what they come up with. I'll post what they say here.

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JD DCI. Erik Videgard. I bought a kit from MCE Tech, installed it and reinstalled everything onto the new disk.

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No problems so far, except. No change. Tonight I sat down in Stockholm, Sweden to assemble the kit. I got as long as "Removing the 6,5mm torx screws" when I realized that this screwdriver was not mentioned in the IFixIt manual' I'll get back to you with my progress. What's new.

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