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Access your music, videos, podcasts and photos. Move files between work and home. Back up important data to your iPhone. Keep useful apps and installers with you at all times. Mac AppStore Ja nisam uspeo da dobijem root kada kliknem na disk? Dobijem nesto slicno ovome: Last edited by CJay; at Moze li mi tko reci jeli iWork zamjena za office na winsima? I went to Lakeshire and reported to the questgiver listed for the Keeshan's bow.

I completed about 5 quests for him, no bow.

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After the last quest, he didn't give me a new quest. I'm thinking about taking a few items to Storm City to place on sale at the Auction House just to see how that works. One of the Guard Captains nearby has a quest posted, I'll do his quests and call it a night. So I'm still shooting a bow that needs a serious upgrade. I've farmed around the edges of several mob camps looking for a good bow drop.

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Instead I've gotten about a dozen L12 rusty blunderbuss's. Maybe its just not-so-good luck that could change.? Jan 1, Monsters only drop weapons and armor out in the world at a low chance unless they are dungeon bosses. As I said your best chance for upgrades will come from quest rewards or dungeons. It has nothing to do with your luck, it's just not the way you should generally look for upgrades. I'm quite sure keeshan's bow comes from doing a huge majority of the lakeshire quests, so if you're really after that bow you'll have to quest in lakeshire for a while.

However I'm sure there will be quests on the way that should give you some options for bows. Just to be clear, if the bow is listed as a quest reward, then you will always get it as long as you do the quest. There is no luck about it. In order to see whether you have to do some lead up quests in order to get that quest, it's worth checking wowhead for the quest details. That will usually list the lead up quests so you can work out how many quests you need to do before you get handed the one you want.

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Here is the quest that gives you Keeshan's bow. As you can see it is the last one in a series. You may also need to do other quests to unlock this series. If you didn't run a full lap of Redridge laying waste and destruction with a group of 5 NPC's on an extremely long quest chain, then you haven't gone far enough through the zone to get the bow.

Good advice my friends.

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May I return the favor one day. I took some quests from a Col xxx who is an aid to The Magistrate. One of the quests I completed was to return the Keeshan's Bow from orcs who had stolen it. And I continue to get quests.

So, hopefully this will result in obtaining the bow for myself. I spent quite a bit of time in Lakeshire boar hunting for leather earlier.

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But somehow I passed by these quests.