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DVD decrypting refers to a technology in most cases applied by a software, program or application on the DVD hardware, making a specialty of bypassing the DVD copy protections or encryptions set inside of the DVD for the purpose of, by the film publishers, preventing from illegal DVD copy and clone, as well as backing up the DVD content to hard drive.

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In the United States, certain uses may be illegal under Digital Millennium Copyright Act unless making copies which are covered under the Fair Use doctrine. But we think reasonable and personal DVD protective backup should be allowed. Choose a good free DVD decrypter at one go, and you are free from trying similar programs repeatedly. There are the basic tips for choosing the best free DVD decrypter software:.

You can get a video with the quality close to the original. For Windows and Mac only.

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If you are a mobile user, please click here. Please feel free to download the best free DVD decrypter. Step 1: Step 2: Choose an output profile. You'll notice that there're lots of output profiles for PC, Mac and devices. Step 3: Set video audio parameters. This is an optional step primarily suited to advanced users. You can skip this and move to step 4 directly. The resulting Title submenu revealed that title 30 was the correct one to use.

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I chose this disc to see which of the applications could extract individual episodes. The range of abilities of these applications is fairly broad. Click Compress and you can create a full-disc copy or, optionally, attempt to extract just the main feature or episodes in one of the five formats I mentioned.

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When clicking Rip, the resulting file is a. Click Compress and the file is saved in the format most appropriate for the destination device. It rips only the entire disc—offering no feature or episode extraction. It can rip a disc either as a DVD Player archive or as a.

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I did this successfully with the Wall-E disc. Additionally, it provides you some control over skipping bad VOB units due to scratches or cells added as part of a copy-protection scheme. This last option helps you with difficult discs. MacTheRipper will decrypt discs and save their contents to folders. Additionally, MacTheRipper lets you remove region coding the scheme that restricts DVDs to being played in the geographical region in which its sold. Like HandBrake, it shows you all available features and lets you select the one you want. It offers 74 different output formats, and each can be tweaked with a click of a Settings button.

In this case, it chose the correct title. Additionally, when you rip the disc you have the option to trim the beginning and end of the video, crop it, and add effects to it. The application includes a preview window so you make sure that you're ripping the material you want. You can tweak each preset within the main window as well as manipulate the quality of the resulting video by setting a target size, average bitrate, or constant quality slider. It offers a large Preview window and can encode short snippets of video so you get a good idea of how your converted video will look and sound.

It also has a number of controls for tweaking advanced settings. Specifically, MacTheRipper ripped the main feature in 22 minutes and 52 seconds, RipIt ripped the entire disc in 28 minutes and 3 seconds, Mac DVDRipper Pro did the same job in 28 minutes and 30 seconds, HandBrake ripped and converted the main feature to the Apple TV format in 32 minutes and 16 seconds, and iSkysoft DVD Ripper took 31 minutes and 43 seconds to accomplish this same rip and conversion.

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  5. The current version 1. This was a little surprising as the HandBrake version had a lower bit rate kbs versus kbps , smaller video size by versus by , and lower frame rate 24fps versus 30fps. As for the Six Feet Under tests, the applications that create archives without converting the video were again faster.

    When choosing a disc ripping application, you have a couple of broad choices. The other is a tool that decrypts as well as converts. MacTheRipper has a lot going for it in the form of its speed, but obtaining a copy is confounding. HandBrake is clearly the better tool. RipIt's strength remain its simplicity and ability to rip just about any disc you throw at it. More expensive and producing poorer results than the competition, iSkysoft DVD Ripper is not a good choice. Chris has covered technology and media since the latter days of the Reagan Administration.

    In addition to his journalistic endeavors, he's a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area.