Delete cache files sims 3 mac

Every few seconds it freezes for a few seconds. It's kind of maddening. I have deleted the files mentioned.

Automatically Clear Cache

I have uninstalled the game and all expansions and reinstalled using origin rather than the discs and still the problem persists. Any other suggestions?! Is it in every save file or just one? Keyy says You'll Mess It Up. HMMW says I have finished all the steps but it doesn't work Before I install expansion pack, I can enjoy the game without problem. But now I have to wait for a long time for the loading screen. I have to wait about 5 minutes to get into the game and play When I tried to run this though, it says that it couldn't find the sims3launcher. I copied, pasted, edited it to were it's documents instead of my documents and this pc instead of my computer i have windows 10 and saved it to my desktop, did i do something wrong?

SO thank you but could also be everything is much easier to find and more concise. Carl says Yes, it's safe to delete. That file is related to the social features that were added with a patch to the game, which is the notifications, interactions, etc. It's just a cache, so nuke it if you ever think it'll help solve a problem. Evelyn S. Whenever I go into my Sims 3 game, as soon as I click the check-mark-thing, the game just I click, nothing happens.

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I tried clearing my cache by doing the steps, but nothing worked! Mike says You can also disable the cache files completely by setting permissions on them to be inaccessible to you.

Then the game will not be able to write to them at all. In my tests, this has solved the freezing problems entirely. The simCompositorCache in particular would grow to hundreds of megabytes in size, which certainly explained the totally unreasonable slowness of the game coupled with a very low GPU and CPU loads. Ali Cat says Thank you so much. I had about items in that folder. Here's hoping that it fixes my alarmingly slow game.

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I don't want to have to uninstall and then get all of my cc again. It takes SO long. Shawndelle says I've done everything here and it's still solo slow and keeps freezing. Playalot says This link: Click Takes you to out TS3 tips guide. There are how-to's on doing a factory reset which might be your next step.

You can also still post questions on our TS3 boards as they are still active: Mike W says LunaWhiteraven says LissaKaye97 says So I'm not good with the computer. I just highlight them all except the ccmerged. Julia says It actually works for everything , except for sims creating.. Drensik says I've never downloaded any custom content, would these be safe to delete? You can delete them if you want. I think they have something to do with the game achievements but they should be fine to get rid of. Kaci says Okay this didn't help me at all..

I deleted all those DCBackup files and the game still crashed. Could that be the issue? Every time I get to the loading household screen it says "Sims 3 has stopped working".


I do meet the PC Requirements and my game is updated as well as the mods. I do delete cache files outside the mods folder scriptCache, etc. Charlotte Mays says OK question. Do u have any other mods installed? I think I know how to solve ur problem. Same here.

I removed the files but for me as soon as I started the game they all came back. Anna says Lee says I deleted all my backup files and my saved games are just gone! Don't worry if you don't have a WorldCaches folder, or if it's empty - some people have WorldCaches and some don't - it just means that you do not have Riverview, other new worlds, or the new Create-a-World tool installed.

OS X users, please read this post on why this is a bad thing. Jump to: Sims 3 Game Help Categories: For the equivalent Sims 2 article, click here. Retrieved from " http: Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Game Help Discussion. There are just a TON of pictures for the Sims 3 store. You can delete everything in there. There were several thousand pictures in there freeing up a couple of gigabytes of space. Click on the Security tab and edit button that should appear around the same area as the Remove button in the picture below.

After, press on the user who will be playing The Sims 3 and check the Deny box for Write. Press on the Apply button before exiting the properties window. The next step is to delete your screenshots. I know that personally, when something interesting happens in The Sims 3, I will take a screenshot. I will also take some for the Create-a-Sim posts and those who make TS3 stories will want to take a lot of images. You can back them up into Photobucket, Flickr or some other site like that and delete them afterwards. The next folder to clean up is the WorldCaches.

The files contain important information when using a Mac which will cause some problems if you delete them. If you use Custom Content, you can uninstall them via the Sims 3 Launcher. Just go into the Mods folder and simply remove any that you dislike. Speaking of mods, two that are simply amazing are Overwatch and Errortrap created by the modding genius Twallan. They have helped so much with clearing up random crap in your game.

Clicking on the link will direct you to the information page of the mod where you can find some other famous mods such as Woohooer, MasterController and StoryProgression. This is also a good program that helps with making your game run smoothly via cleaning up folders: Save Cleaner.