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Thanks to the integrated Dropbox sync function, all your entries and data are available on all your devices. A great idea for you, couples and teams. No Registration. For further details and help, visit http: Many suggestions from our users have already been implemented in several updates.

Best Expense Tracker Apps for iPhone to Keep A Tab on Your Expenses

Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome and will be considered for further updates. All updates are free, naturally. Many users have mentioned our great and fast support in their reviews but unfortunately Apple offers no way to answer questions via the App Store. Please contact us directly or use the forum on our website. Updated the app to use the latest Dropbox interface.

The interface that was used before will be shut down by Dropbox in the near feature and can thus not be used any longer. Unfortunately the latest Dropbox interface can only be used in macOS Thus the app had to drop the support for older macOS version as well.

I love this app. I fount it intuitive to use.

7 Best Personal Finance Software for Mac and iPhone

The only thing that was confusing to me at first was my incoming not showing as a projection on the cards at the top of the Entries screen. As far as a wish-list goes, I wish that the entries on the Recurring page were automatically sortable and have sub-totals at the bottom of each type of recurring 12mo, 1mo, etc.

The reports are very powerful and a great feature.

Overall, this app is quite excellent. I find this very close to perfect. I did find it strange that there was no built-in help. Not even a link to the online manual.

If the entries on the Recurring page were automatically sortable, I would give this app 5-star. Even as it is, I would highly recommend this to anyone. I use this for tracking cash.

The best free software for managing money and budgets

It works quite well for that. My main annoyance is the iPad app remembers my account and person but I have to enter it every time when I use the Mac version. The reports could use more flexibility and sophistication. If you spend a moment now and then and enter each purchase or expenditure, you will have a running count of how you are doing vis a vis your budgeting.

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Love it. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description MoneyControl — the highly successful budget-book app for iPhone and iPad is now available for the Mac! Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe replaces earlier versions of the software, but it is crippled with no Internet supported features like automatic transaction updates and Microsoft offers no support for this version.

MoneyControl - Income and Expense tracker for Mac - Download

However, for people who don't need Internet-supported features or who don't mind importing transactions from their online bank, Money Plus Sunset is worth considering. GnuCash is available for Mac, Windows and other operating systems. Features include tracking bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses and small business accounting features.

GnuCash is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports, and since it's actively developed, this free financial software is improving all the time. PLCash stores data in plain text format, which allows you to use a spreadsheet or word processing software to read and analyze your financial data. PLCash also offers useful personal finance reports, support for multiple account types and basic investment tracking.

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Financial Fate is for longer-term personal financial planning and has been designed to require no formal financial planning training to use. Financial Fate can tell you if your money management practices will lead to being financially solvent for life, or if you need to make some changes to avoid money problems later. If you don't need fully featured personal financial software and you're really more concerned about keeping a budget, there are some great free budget spreadsheet templates you can use with Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc or the spreadsheet in Google Docs.

Just download and open them in your spreadsheet software.