Mac up arrow key not working

I've been playing fornite on a new Apple iMac.

Certain keys on Mac keyboard wont work

Up until this most recent update on April 24 , the game was registering the arrow keys on my keyboard with no issues. However, after this update this is no longer the case. Its not registering the buttons at all. When I click to assign the button to an arrow key, nothing happens at all. The only reason I'm not using the default key set up is because on a mac keyboard most of the F keys dont register either, making it nearly impossible to play that way can't build.

This had me create a secondary set of controls that I was able to use which includes the arrow keys. Can you please let me know if there is anything I can do or if I can expect a patch to fix this arrow key issue?

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I also tried plugging in a spare keyboard I had. Also doesnt register the arrow keys.

Mac keyboard not working? Mouse Keys may be activated - CNET

Anyone else having this issue? The game is now unplayable. Comment Post Cancel.

I'm having the same issue with my f-keys, please fix this back to normal epic games. Respect your players on each platform.

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I also have this problem since the update the arrows no longer respond houston we have a BIG problem. Same issue here left handed, use arrow keys. I'm frustrated.

Ctrl + Arrow keys not working/Mac RDP sessions

Had the other two replaced because of sticking keys — one edge of the key would get stuck down and no longer press-able. First the delete key. On my next machine the right shift key. On my third machine I checked all the keys very carefully before I left the store and they all worked.

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Always one edge or one corner that failed. Now the left shift key failed three days ago, and today the right arrow key stuck at the bottom left corner. I had a stuck return key after owning the computer for 2 weeks. I brought it in. They sent it back to apple to get fixed and they replaced the whole keyboard. I also had problems with the wifi so they replaced the logic board too.