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Without any document opened, in Character panel, just change Language drop down to whatever language you need. Then restart InDesign. More details described in http: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

How To Change your Language in Adobe InDesign CC

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Is there any way I change this? I tried to change all the apparent language settings in Preferences and it did nothing. I use Malayalam as example. Indesign CC comes with Hunspell hyphenation dictionaries.

Change the Language of Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

These hyphenation dictionaries are written by me long time back. See https: Create a text frame and add content to it. Make sure that the composer is set as Adobe World-Ready paragraph composer. You can access it from Paragraph settings as shown below. Select an appropriate font for the content. Choose the language of the content as Malayalam or other Indic language you are working on.

Indesign CC automatic hyphenation for Indian languages

See screenshot below. Justify the content. The content will get automatically hyphenated. If you resize the column width or insert more content, text will get automatically hyphenated.

Change the Language of Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

You can also set the language. This ensures that foreign words as well as your native language are spell-checked and hyphenated using the proper dictionary.

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As you set type using programs such as InDesign, people may tell you never to style fonts electronically. So if you use the Roman version of a font such as Minion , you should never press the keyboard shortcut for italic.

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You should only choose the actual typeface Minion Italic from the font menu. This rule emerged because some typefaces do not have an italic or bold version.

Fortunately, InDesign prevents you from making errors like that. If you apply the shortcut for italic, InDesign applies the actual italic version.