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Cross DJ displays it straight into the deck header. Match it automatically to the master deck, or change the pitch manually by semi-tones. The dynamic key display reflects those changes, and turns white when in harmony. Browsing by key is now super easy: Focus on other search criterias, and the key still pops up. Easy browsing with new full screen collection Selection is the heart of DJing.

The collection view is now more intuitive than ever with the new mini-players.

Additionally, you can now drag and drop tracks between players and samplers - useful when you have only one turntable or CDJ. Peak view markers: Cross DJ 2. Sync feature improvement, including the Master Clock concept Collection global optimizations iTunes parsing, spotlight, sorting and faster column browser Migration issues resolved through application updates iTunes Library tracks accesses issue fixed Various bug fixes and improvements. Redesigned, intuitive interface with a modular layout Bi-filter build straight into the mixer low and high pass filters , inspired from the club standard DJM Audio performance enhancements Faster library management Amount and depth knobs on each effect unit.

Mash Up and Remix Vocals & Individual Instruments ... Even Copy Between Tracks.

Size Category Music. Anyone who's ever tried to steal a drum loop or a vocal hook from a finished track will tell you that extracting individual parts from a stereo audio file is tricky at best and nigh on impossible in most cases. The DNA Direct Note Access features introduced to Celemony's Melodyne editor software in were revolutionary, allowing us to edit individual notes in a polyphonic recording for the first time, but even DNA doesn't enable you to break apart a complete song.

Surely, then, Hit'n'Mix's claim to allow complete control over every element of a stereo mix is too good to be true?

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Imported tracks are converted to the proprietary Rip audio file format, which the developers rather vaguely claim contains the information necessary to re-synthesise the audio data rather than simply containing the audio itself. In practice, it took just over 19 minutes to convert a three-and-a-half minute track on our 2.

Not terrible, but it'd be nice if there was a batch processing option so you could line up a folder full of files for conversion and leave the software to do its work. During the conversion process, Hit'n'Mix identifies each instrument, automatically calculates a key signature and detects the rhythm of the track.

Each sound is automatically identified as one of fourteen instruments, including voice, piano, guitar, bass and drums. Once the conversion process is complete, it's also possible to identify parts manually by selecting notes in one of the two view modes and then clicking the appropriate instrument name.

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At its most basic editing level, Hit'n'Mix allows the relative volumes of each element to be adjusted using the sliders in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Sure enough, it's fairly effective in removing elements of a track as you pull the faders down, but as you strip more parts out you'll start to hear more and more artefacts and glitches. The more advanced editing features take their cue from Melodyne and Antares Auto-Tune albeit with significantly lower sound quality , offering various pitch-shifting, vibrato and slide options, time-stretching and stereo pan control.

Just select the section you want to fix and choose one of the tools from the dropdown menu.


Options are limited to the basic pitch-adjustment tasks, but the presets should serve most needs. The same tools can be used to create Auto-Tune-style effect by pitching vocals up or down to the same musical note. Experimenting with this effect can lead to some interesting results, and it's certainly something that's worth exploring. Overall, Hit'n'Mix feels premature, with the creators already promising improvements for the next version.

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We suggest that you hang on till then, as this one isn't much use for producers. MusicRadar The No.

Hit'n'Mix Ltd Hit'n'Mix review | MusicRadar

Our Verdict As a pitch editor for single instruments, Hit'n'Mix is good, but it fails to deliver on its promise of ripping apart full mixes. Pros Slick design. Easy to use. Some handy pitch-editing tools. Cons No plug-in version. Results of 'unmixing' are often very poor.