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How to set and delete Page Breaks in Microsoft Excel 2013

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How to hide page breaks in active sheet or all sheets in Excel? Hide all page breaks in active worksheet in Excel Hide all page breaks in active worksheet or all worksheets with Kutools for Excel Easily insert page break after every x rows in Excel.

Re: Multiple Pagebreaks that just appear

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Page Breaks

Reply Share. I am having the same problem Rehani, getting pressure from the boss to find solution. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Sue. The proposal in the mean time is to downgrade to or to at least get an Excel to continue on until Microsoft fixes this Hopefully sooner than later!! Hi there, Hope you can help me: I would like the printing lines to show.

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I've ticked the box under Advanced, but the dotted lines are white. How do I go about changing the color to black in order to actually see where the dotted lines are? Thanks, Rehani. What to do?

Insert, delete, or change a section break

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How do I remove page breaks from an Office Excel spreadsheet? - Microsoft Community

Edited 3 time s. Got it! Thanks, Newt! N-OS X-tasy!

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You can sometimes just drag the existing page break to the location where you want the new page break. It is what it is. More experience with excel on the windows side, but isn't there a "page break preview" where you can slide them around willy-nilly to your heart's content? Yes you can just click and drag, under page break preview. As noted, but monkeying around with page setup can cause a major ruckus with carefully set page breaks. This is where I post my usual cautionary statement: Excel is not a Desktop Publishing Program.

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