Dota 2 mac fps issues

You'd need to change system settings to control the GPU in use. I only have the option to trigger the discrete GPU by ticking the energy preference off. Render system: OpenGL Driver Name: Desktop-friendly Fullscreen, render at x , display at x Texture data resident: It seems like it's using the Radeon Pro graphics but I still don't get it why the fps would drop so hard cause I think this graphic card is more than enough to support DOTA2 graphics. I don't know what system settings there are for multi-GPU control, you'd want to ask on a macOS forum.

The OpenGL info is less than clear. Again you'd need to ask Apple or some other place that has more information on your system and OpenGL driver to get better info. Same issue here. Does that fix your issue? Did Apple explain what they mean by "support OpenGL"? Dota runs on OpenGL already so it's not clear what Apple is talking about. A few additional questions if either of you, r3laxand3r and Xiangbo have a moment:. Hey natbro , I have the same problem so maybe I can add few more details:. Facing the same issue, any updates? Switching off the energy saver settings, brought the fps back to 80 on res: I still have fps drops and stutter, even with forced discrete graphics and energy saving stuff turned off.

Same as above comment Forced discrete graphics, energy saving turned off I tried the above suggestions without much luck, but managed to get significant improvement by setting the following launch options: I think -gl did the trick, but added the other two options for better performance. This is weird. I have the same specs as r3laxand3r. To be fair ive kept it as well maintained as poss. Its not cluttered with useless shit. I use an external HD for all that. So the computer itself is pretty much clear. Valve has already talked about it and showcased it, it's just a matter of time before it gets released.

Valve already put out a video showcasing the performance improvements. Of course OGL will still be a fallback renderer where Metal isn't available. Source 2 is built with multiple renderers as a core feature. I'm not saying that it's new, it's just that Source 2 does support multiple renderers They've started to open source some components of the Source 2 engine as well recently a repo was created for their networking library. Nope, no sign of it. I am checking the DLC tab where it shows up for Windows users daily, but nothing It looks like there might be hacky ways to try it but it's really unclear whether Dota 2 actually officially supports it yet or not.

There are few things that might help your case, even if Valve don't bother scratching their punk asses. I am a satisfied yet baffled owner of a mid retina Macbook Pro. There are guides on ifixit on how to change the default thermal paste. It's a huge one, actually, as like everywhere in the world the default paste is shit and applied like shit. Dualboot Windows. People buy macs for productivity and they are great at productivity.

IF you want to also play games sometimes, try not to use a woolen sock instead of a condom. If your Macbook has a retina display, it might be wiser to have a cheapo p external monitor. You're not getting much anything out of playing with the native retina resolut1on, and downscaling is atrocious on the eyes.

Try to game on the battery if you can. You know how hot the area around the magsafe connector gets when you plug it in? It adds up and brings the dreaded throttle closer. Make sure that the innards of your macbook are clean. The airflow inlet lattice thing below the main display hinge is notoriously easy to get all gunked up especially if you are like me and take your laptop to the bed instead of a girlfriend.

You may want to override the default fan settings so that they are basically full on all the time while you game, but I don't think it's much necessary. Why is it happening? It's not every game for me, and not necessarily tied to the things you list I have some heroes with relics where it hasn't crashed yet, some where it goes into the death spiral pretty often.

But it is pretty frustrating.

Same here, had multiple crashes last week only while playing shadow fiend, times a game. Still hesitant to play ranked with it until a fix is confirmed by valve. I was given a iMac for my Design Work. It is my only computer, and it really does great with all the programs. About 2 years ago I was getting fps on high settings, now I'm at 70 on the lowest. I can't complain because 70 is still really good, but I wish I could find a paid internship to actually make money to buy parts to build a PC.

Gaming in Mac isn't ideal, but it's the only thing some of us have: I also get random crashes, I've been in low pro for the last 2 months, because I'll play 4 games and everything is fine, then on the next game I can't laid in and get the abandon: Reading all of the comments made my head hurt. It doesn't need to be said that gaming as a whole, on Mac will be a subpar experience, gamers that get a Mac for whatever reason accept that.

You should never blame the players when they complain that the game is so broken they can't even play it on a so-called SUPPORTED system and the solution to those complaints shouldn't be for the players to spend a lot more money buying a system or buying an OS to avoid the problems. This shouldn't be about what system is better to game on, the answer is obvious to everyone, its about holding valve to the standard of keeping their game in working condition for all systems they claim to support and if they can't even do that, then maybe they should stop saying they do because it will definitely influence the purchasing decisions of certain people.

There are a couple of tickets open for problems on Mac and Linux with Dota Plus. I think this one is closest to what you are describing. It was initially opened for Linux, but users have commented that it happens on Mac as well. Maybe you can grab some crash logs and post them there as well. Noob question; do you have to buy a Windows license to dual boot?

I have a newer machine, but the performance isn't great. Windows 10 is a free download still i believe. So just load it on a USB as a boot disk. And bam you can dual boot pretty easy. If you wanna buy it there's a sub on here somewhere where you can get a license for like But you don't have to register if you dont mind a watermarked background. No there's an osx tool might just be called boot camp that walks you through it. Super easy. Just have to know how much space you need before hand because you have to partition the drive.

I only did like gb because it's just for games. I just want to mention, there is still no sign of the promised Vulkan support in the DLC tab. I was really looking forward to switching, in hopes of maybe improving FPS a bit. Upvoted even though I'm on windows. I've had the same problems using the Linux client. Back then it didn't get fixed for months and people just showed you statistics on how few players use mac and linux for Dota, basically saying that we're not important for the company.

I gave up on Mac 2 years ago, last thing I bought was an iMac in and I use it for office exclusively, you can't work at home with it, you can't play with it properly, in the last years they ditched out the will on their products. They just care about you replacing it's mac every two years. Problem is it's hard to support a platform that doesn't give you the proper tools to do so.

I remember I used to get 60 fps at 4k in , then I bootcamped it and got fps.

Dota is becoming unplayable for Mac users : DotA2

There's something wrong on the port. I mean people bash macs but in my own experience I bought a macbook pro in and have played HoN and Dota2 on it since then, nearly every day. Never really had a problem with it. In I even dropped a whole mug of tea on it and just had to get the keyboard fixed. I get potato graphics but it's definitely playable. Macbooks are just solid computers for general use. Mine's 6 years old and I've yet to have a single impairing issue with it.

It's still quick enough to do everything I need with it. Trackpad is beyond anything I've seen in any other computer. Battery still lasts a reasonable amount of time. Unix shell for programming. Sure it's not as powerful as a dedicated gaming desktop but I've moved so many times into tiny apartments the past 5 years that a full desktop would have been such a hassle. I can play Dota, I can play Civ, I'm happy. There's just a bad perception when it comes to apple users.

Certain people seem to think that we ALL put apple products on some pedestal of engineering genius. It's a product that runs well and lasts. I did say I still use my Mac for office work, definitely you can't negate it's a beautiful computer really presentable for a client and the integration with my iPad and iPhone is amazing. But for gaming it just melts. I could still play Dota there, but I prefer to have the best of both worlds. But I really think I won't buy another mac computer til I see some progress, atm updates and programmed obsolescence hurts on their products.

I can even say macbooks have better lifespan than to present. When spectre comes on with a certain cosmetic I get 10fps every time he's close to my camera. Same with PLs fancy particle effect staff. I agree they definitely need some work in that department. I don't think the new macbook is much of an upgrade either man, but you could apparently play doom on the little touch screen bar thing under the main screen hahah. It's a perfect analogy, given how irrelevant your comment is.

Nobody cares whether or not you believe it. It's a fact. There are a lot of design schools that work specifically on Macs. They used to be the best thing on the market in terms of monitors, and colour depth.


Because of that professional grade programs were designed with Mac in mind. Adobe programs on Mac versus Windows, there are subtle nuances, but they make a bit of a difference. I would personally rather edit a video recording or learn photo editing on a mac over whatever heap of garbage windows laptop you can get your hands on. But from a workstation hardware standpoint, I'd probably still go with a Mac if I had the money to burn on it. I build my own desktops so I honestly don't care too much about what shit they put inside a mac.

If windows ever upsets me, which it honestly never has I've only used XP and 7 for personal use , I will just go to Linux, which I plan to do on my next machine anyways.

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Because taking up a huge chunk of your hard drive space for a Windows installation you only use for Dota doesn't make any sense when there's a working version of Dota that runs on OSX. I used to dual-boot when I wanted to play windows-only games on my mac but now since I only really play Dota I don't bother anymore. I was noticing more crashes recently, but was unaware it was relic related. I don't have any heroes level 2 or above, but will point out that I spectate games with high reliced relicked..

Also the crashes don't appear to happen because of relics being updated. I haven't crashed every game, but the overall quality of games has definitely gone down. And I used to be able to run Dota on maximum settings without a hiccup. Mac user here. Dota 2 crashes every game.

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If zues ults- game crashes. Relics - game crashes. Black hole- huge frame rate drops. I also have a Shaman w 10 relics who I play w no problems. However, in typical Dota fashion, the Rubick fucks it all up XD. Windows 7. Never had the problem prior to the update. I love dota, rly love. I can't accept the fact that dota literaly say " fuck you" to new players.

I play on Mac but haven't run into any issues.

Dota 2 low spec laptop lag fix 2018

That being said, I don't have a hero level 2 or above nor a hero with multiple relics so the issues you bring up don't really apply. Hope this helps to give you my specs as control as I'm experiencing dota the best I ever have:. Mid 15" Macbook Pro Running Sierra version Pretty old machine, running the game better than it ever has, to be honest. Haven't had Mac exclusive issues since the reborn update before that I would crash periodically for unknown reasons Fuck dota on Mac.

For 2 years I had memory leaks where the memory usage of game would reach about 30gb or something. Now, it crashes when I watch a game, and crashes randomly in game. Always a major problem in Mac which crashes the game. No matter which year it is. Had this issue The frequency of it happening seems to have really gone down the past 2 days, only had 2 random crashes happen in 1 game.

Extremely annoying but seems like they're fixing it! Thankfully I avoided getting an abandon from this, but I can't imagine how tilting it would be to get sent to LPQ for something that's entirely Valve's fault. Have a buddy that's on a Macbook. It's not a good computer anymore He's used this thing daily since he got it.

He's had no lag or anything. I don't think that it's all macs. You might want to make sure that you put your comp specs in with your bug report. In all seriousness tho, I feel for you man, few months back my dota would crash often, what I did was format my pc and it got fixed. Such shit every hero I have relics on, fucking drop out of match times. Wtf I bought a year. So bummed. It's crazy. I lobby every time I get into client.

I was getting lucky that past few days and ended up not lobbying. Then I'm in low prio again for abandoning games I'm actively trying to reconnect to but cannot. I don't have the same issues as you with the relics: Good, had a guy flaming everyone all game and kept on getting DC since his game kept crashing. Serves him right.

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As a kid who grew up with a mac, you should not expect to play anything on it accept for SpyFox and Pajama Sam. Also disk partitions take a large amount of memory and can be glitchy as hell, actually maintaining them is a massive pain in the ass. I will show you my syallbus, it clearly states we will only use Mac, and it's even part of the class title. People flock to mac posts so that they can get on their high horse about mac vs pc debates.

Some dude on this thread was trying to get into a full on debate with me and I was like, I don't care dude. Actually the on the first page LUL Now please tell me how bad my uni is, and how much better you are. Source Why? Creator ignoreme deletthis.