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Here we will discuss about the causes and the troubleshooting for this error in detail. There could be N number of reasons for the error to occur but some of the reasons that are the main cause for this error are:.

Linux : CUPS printing error “Unable to send trailing nul to printer: Broken pipe”

To solve this issue you need to reset your printer, Install using the IP address, check for the supported drivers of printer or unload the loaded queue. For the MAC operating system the error message that is displayed is: Follow the steps to solve the issue for MAC.

You may also need to repossess your network settings from the control panel. So for this in the settings option of the printer use the hps wifi auto config. Your email address will not be published.

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Leave this field empty. Search for: Loss of the IP address during the print operation. Loaded Queue Intrusion or intervention during the print operation being performed. When you are working on a Local Area Network and suddenly the network is lost or for the wifi printing setup.

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Operating system is not capable to write the data to the printer. When you make changes to your system and the printer. Go to the Control panel and open the system preferences. Then select the Print and Fax option. Next you need to right click on the blank space near where the list of printer is displayed.

Once u right click a pop-up box appears that shows the for reset print system. Now click on the reset print system option so that the operating system can restore all the common UNIX printing files to the default settings. I had to return one because of poor performance. My D-Link router thus far has outperformed the AE and has been very reliable for wireless printing.

Of course like anything else, your mileage may vary. Originally Posted by Sulphur man. Yes, points taken - thank you both. I should be trying the printer in different positions in the house and trying all the channels in all the positions. I have been wanting to take advantage of the AE's other features though, so I may throw caution to the wind in any case.

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The DI I've got now has a bit of a nightmare in Safari for the config pages they don't load properly on the whole and the feature set is a bit hard to get on with. I wish I could just update the firmware with something better but I don't think that's gonna happen. I should add, that I've not done much printing since the OP, and that nothing much has changed in the humble abode. I will admit that the printer and router have some pretty hefty solids in between though. Similar Threads SSH connection drops after 2 to 3 hours with write: Upgrade to Wireless Issues solved?

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